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Tiffany Tells All!

SESSIONS w/PeterAnthonii:

Witty, Raw and Informative Interviews with Influential Humans.


Queen of queens and a staple in the Miami gay scene, Tiffany Fantasia is one of the busiest drag queens in the business. Widely known for standing up in the face of hate in front of thousands of people by singing What God Has For Me, It Is For Me during the 2015 Miami Beach Pride festival, Tiffany has become one of the most well-known drags in the industry. From hosting sold out brunches at the iconic Palace South Beach to being an active board member for the Miami Beach Pride organization and performing on stages across the country it seems like Tiffany never stops. But don’t worry! We tracked this greasy bitch down for a few moments to find out what she’s been up to.


Where did you come up with the name Tiffany Fantasia?

Long story but Tiffany was given to me by Brandy the first person to do my makeup and everyone started calling me Fantasia so it became my last name.

What attracted you to the drag scene and why do you love it so much?

My friends wanted to do something fun and I went along with it. I had no desire to be in drag prior to my friends doing it. I always loved performing so that’s why I love drag so much.

Who or what inspires you?

Music, mainly all the R&B divas.

What has been your most iconic moment in your drag career?

So many, I would say performing in Greece for Dsquared2.

Do you still get nervous before you perform or host?

Only if I’m in a place I’ve never performed before.

What is one of the biggest misconceptions of the drag industry?

That we are dumb and can easily be taken advantage of.

If you were stranded on an island what 3 items would you bring?

Toilet paper, a bed, a flame igniter

Do you find that straight men are attracted to you in drag?

Sometimes, I’ve had a few weird conversations...

Have you ever been hit on by a straight guy ?


How has the gay scene in Miami changed over the years? Is it better or worse?

There used to be more places to go, small pockets of gay bars in different areas of Miami, not so much now. It could be better.

How do you come up with your drag characters?

I get inspired by music and go from there.

What do you think is the sexiest part of your body?

My lips

While you weren’t able to perform at social gatherings during the pandemic, what did you do to keep yourself busy?


Do you like hosting or performing better?

Performing more

Name one of your guilty pleasures?



SESSIONS Q&A is an interview series curated by PeterAnthonii, Marketing & PR Manager for Miami Beach Pride.

These short, fun and informative interviews give you an exclusive look into the lives of some of your favorite people from all walks of life! Sessions are always time well-spent with unique individuals who have something special to share with the world. Find out what happens when these people, get raw, keep it real, and release their inhibitions with Miami Beach Pride!



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