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Miami Beach, FL. (November 6, 2020) - World famous Miami Beach Pride (MBP) is reimaging its events and how they connect with the LGBTQ++ community. The organization has had to quickly pivot and create new ways to bring in revenue during the COVID19 pandemic due to the cancellation of its iconic festival and parade in April of 2020. The annual celebration attracts 170,000+ attendees to the city of Miami Beach each year. The festival is the primary revenue source for the organization. As the largest Pride festival in South Florida, the signature event brings significant economic growth to the city each year and provides much needed arts and cultural programming to the LGBTQ+ community. As Miami Beach Pride faces its most challenging time in its 12 year history, they are calling on the community for its support.

On December 19th at 7:00 PM EST, MBP along with South Florida Lexus Dealers will host its 1st annual charity event in an attempt to raise funds to keep the organization operational. QUEER-A-THON Variety Show & Silent Auction is a light and laughable production paying homage to the days of the telethon, sketch comedy, and live entertainment. Hosted by Bruce Vilanch, Carson Kressley, and Tiffany Fantasia, Miami Beach Pride will take you on a walk down memory lane for some good old-fashioned disco-dancing, down right debauchery and over-the-top shenanigans.

With an eclectic mix of kitschy performances, sketch comedy and legendary celebrity guests Prides QUEER-A-THON will go LIVE on-air on a number of streaming platforms. Audience members will have the chance to bid on a wide range of fabulous items including a NEW LEXUS IS, to help #PreservePride and keep the organization's legacy alive.

“As an organization we represent marginalized communities and develop essential Arts & Culture programming. Our team of amazingly talented individuals continuously finds new and innovative ways to connect with our LGBTQ+ community. That’s what the QUEER-A-THON is all about.” -

Peter Anthonii, PR and Marketing, Miami Beach Pride

In these trying times of a global pandemic, Miami Beach Pride is asking our community to rally behind us, and band together for a common goal. With the collective help of the community Miami Beach Pride can raise money and succeed!

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Fran Drescher, Bruce Vilanch, Luenell, Lea DeLaria, Carson Kresley, Nikki Blonsky, Rebecca Black, Nicole Henry, Jennfer Mcclain, Amrit Kapai, and more.

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