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Meet Omar: Our Puerto Rican Prince With A Heart of Gold.


No matter who you truly are, this is always the hard part! I really do not know how Mrs. Universe does it at 18 years with a Doctorate in Engineering and still manages to wear a two-piece bikini. Obviously, I love humor. It's something that still, to this day gets me through difficult times.

I was born and raised in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico and I could have not been more fortunate. It is a town by the beach with mountains behind and pristine and flat beaches in the front. As a kid, I was always curious and watching TV made me wonder what was out there and what the best way to see it, feel it and taste it. I went to college in the wonderful city of Ponce and it felt like going to NYC because of its history, fame and opportunities. I started in arts but quickly realized that it was TV, Radio and Production that had me at hello. I started as a student intern in my college interviewing celebrities when no one cared for it. I quickly gained interest from some record labels of me interviewing their artists. From divas at the time to newbies that are now big on their own, I had the chance to sit, talk and joke with them. Shortly thereafter, I graduated and got a job on Telemundo in CT, and moved immediately. Having an artistic background is something that was built back home. I was able to get a scholarship at a good dancing school where I learned how to dance Salsa and Hip-Hop. Those were the days because I was in dance rehearsals teaching new couples how to dance at their wedding, and being able to dance behind a singer/drag queen all in one day.

However, being a Caribbean boy, the cold weather has never been a friend of mine. After four years and lots of great opportunities, I packed my bags and moved to South Florida. That is where my coming out journey began. I had no clue of what to do or how things were going to play out when I arrived here, but I immediately knew it would be a long journey. From hosting a local TV show in one of the biggest Hispanic networks in the nation to housekeeping at a resort was not what I expected. But I quickly learned a good lesson that only in a dictionary the word “success” is set before “work”. Living a happy life is the main and only goal. SOFLO was kind to me and embraced me as a gay Latino man. My skill set combined with my sense of humor allowed me to be close to wonderful people that gave me the chance I needed and a sense of comfort when I needed it the most. I love making people laugh even if I am the joke to be laughed at. In social media I have been known for my dad jokes (which I love btw) and it got a good following with the #HeyEverybody. It's the way I chose to start my day and I hope everyone else does too. After working in different places and getting the best of it as I could, I discovered a wonderful opportunity in the social services and nonprofit field. Even though I do not interact with the people in need directly, I administer and provide support to those who do. SunServe Social Services has given me a comprehensive and empathetic point of view for those who need someone to talk with or just laugh and cry. I learned that even though we can always find something to complain about, life is so precious and worth every bit.



Pronoun: He/Him/His
Gender Identity: Male
Sexual Identity: Gay
Zodiac Sign: Libra

What do you hope to accomplish as a face of pride?

I recently made a promise to myself that I will live not worrying about tomorrow but would rather watch the sunset as a day comes to an end. I will embrace my body and my presence as a part of my unique essence, and accept, respect and learn from others as I would like them to do the same to me.

Why is being a Faces of Pride important to you?

The opportunity that is being offered to me right now at Miami Beach Pride is a blessing I take to my heart. I cannot wait to see and talk to you face to face in the hopes that I learn from you and that your Pride experience is elevated. Weeeepa.

Who is your Celebrity Crush?

Tom Selleck (because why not)

What is your ultimate travel destination?


Who is your favorite Disney character?

Lumiere from Beauty & The Beast.

What sport did you try and FAIL at as a child?

Basketball (what a mess)

If you had a boat, what would you name it?

#HeyEverybody What show on Netflix did you binge watch embarrassingly fast?


If you could create one holiday, what would you create?

Talk to someone you've wronged day. It's needed.

If you could pick one job to do forever (and be guaranteed all the money you need), what job would it be?

Entertainment or Destination Journalist

I will embrace my body and my presence as a part of my unique essence. -Omar



Miami Beach Pride and Dr. Brandt have joined forces to create a powerful campaign centered around inclusivity and diversity in the LGBTQ+ community. Faces of Pride highlights the beautiful diversity within our community. We are committed to celebrating everyday people who make the LGBTQ+ community so amazing and colorful. Not only are we looking for truly unique faces, we are interested in hearing your stories and understanding your experience and lifestyle.

Miami Beach Pride continuously seeks to reach beyond the status quo and push the boundaries set by society. Our faces are committed to sending a clear message to underrepresented communities that we honor their humanity and cherish their existence.

Stay up-to-date on the unique journey of all of our Faces of Pride. Click here to learn more!



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