Meet Omar: Our Puerto Rican Prince With A Heart of Gold.


No matter who you truly are, this is always the hard part! I really do not know how Mrs. Universe does it at 18 years with a Doctorate in Engineering and still manages to wear a two-piece bikini. Obviously, I love humor. It's something that still, to this day gets me through difficult times.

I was born and raised in Santa Isabel, Puerto Rico and I could have not been more fortunate. It is a town by the beach with mountains behind and pristine and flat beaches in the front. As a kid, I was always curious and watching TV made me wonder what was out there and what the best way to see it, feel it and taste it. I went to college in the wonderful city of Ponce and it felt like going to NYC because of its history, fame and opportunities. I started in arts but quickly realized that it was TV, Radio and Production that had me at hello. I started as a student intern in my college interviewing celebrities when no one cared for it. I quickly gained interest from some record labels of me interviewing their artists. From divas at the time to newbies that are now big on their own, I had the chance to sit, talk and joke with them. Shortly thereafter, I graduated and got a job on Telemundo in CT, and moved immediately. Having an artistic background is something that was built back home. I was able to get a scholarship at a good dancing school where I learned how to dance Salsa and Hip-Hop. Those were the days because I was in dance rehearsals teaching new couples how to dance at their wedding, and being able to dance behind a singer/drag queen all in one day.

However, being a Caribbean boy, the cold weather has never been a friend of mine. After four years and lots of great opportunities, I packed my bags and moved to South Florida. That is where my coming out journey began. I had no clue of what to do or how things were going to play out when I arrived here, but I immediately knew it would be a long journey. From hosting a local TV show in one of the biggest Hispanic networks in the nation to housekeeping at a resort was not what I expected. But I quickly learned a good lesson that only in a dictionary the word “success” is set before “work”. Living a happy life is the main and only goal. SOFLO was kind to me and embraced me as a gay Latino man. My skill set combined with my sense of humor allowed me to be close to wonderful people that gave me the chance I needed and a sense of comfort when I needed it the most. I love making people laugh even if I am the joke to be laughed at. In social media I have been known for my dad jokes (which I love btw) and it got a good following with the #HeyEverybody. It's the way I chose to start my day and I hope everyone else does too. After working in different places and getting the best of it as I could, I discovered a wonderful opportunity in the social services and nonprofit field. Even though I do not interact with the people in need directly, I administer and provide support to those who do. SunServe Social Services has given me a comprehensive and empathetic point of view for those who need someone to talk with or just laugh and cry. I learned that even though we can always find something to complain about, life is so precious and worth every bit.