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A Roadmap for Healing Microagressions

Here at Miami Beach Pride, we aim to raise awareness and provide resources for a healthier community conversation.

The holidays can be a tough time for so many reasons to many in our community, especially with certain family members or even people who carry a bias to those in the LGBTQIA+ family. With microaggressions often going unrecognized by those who identify as cis het, they can be uniquely painful, not only because of the frequency, but because otherwise well-intentioned individuals may say something hurtful in passing.

With the added visibility for the most marginalized in our community has also come the importance of continuing education and dialogue. Between our panel discussion with the Faces of Pride and our Social Justice Night, we have been having conversations around the importance of accurate pronouns, how to better support our trans brothers and sisters and so much more. But we are not perfect and there hasn't been a great roadmap until now. This recent article from Fast Company highlights the work being done by the Micropedia to highlight the broad swath of microaggressions many communities face. We found it incredibly insightful and wanted to offer it as a resource:



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