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Pride Lights the Night - Flip the Switch Event @ Euclid Oval

Updated: Mar 5

Thursday, April 4 at 7:30 PM EST


Directly following the Pride Flag Raising, we invite you to join us for another free event in which we light up Lincoln Rd in the rainbow colors of the community. This night is dedicated in memoriam of the Pulse Nightclub and Club Q shootings, tragedies that shook our community to the core. In honor of those victims, survivors and families who were affected by these tragic LGBTQ+ incidents, we will have special guest speakers and moving performances as we illuminate the night in remembrance.

To initiate this event we will flip a giant light switch to light up the road. Be among the very first to see Miami Beach transform into a sea of colors that represent the shades of our LGBT+ community! As another event that’s completely free for our community, it’s the perfect way to kick off the week and to get into the spirit of Pride.

A special thank you to the Lincoln Road Business Improvement District for sponsoring this event.



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