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Official 2022 COVID-19 Statement

MIAMI BEACH PRIDE acknowledges that the world has suffered through a global pandemic.   Many of us found ourselves being secluded from those we hold near and dear to our hearts.  As the world begins to reorganize and we try to return to some normalcy, we are excited to be in a place where we can once again join together as we’ve always done to celebrate our PRIDE.


Mindful that we are not in the clear as of yet, it is the primary responsibility of MIAMI BEACH PRIDE to both celebrate and protect our community, which includes but is not limited to, our staff, volunteers, event participants, as well as our allies. We especially want to ensure we protect those in our community that traditionally may not have access to health care, which in many cases makes our community more vulnerable.


With that said, MIAMI BEACH PRIDE will adhere to all local, state, federal and CDC guidelines at all of our events. We will adjust accordingly if and when guidelines change.  We encourage everyone to get vaccinated. Although the issue of wearing masks has become politicized, we will continue to follow the CDC recommendation to wear a mask in public if you cannot safely socially distance.


We look forward to celebrating with everyone at PRIDE.  All attendees should exercise their best judgment to protect themselves and others while enjoying our events, whether indoor or out. 


Happy Pride!

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